Cowboy for an Unfamiliar Landscape, artist-in-residence Jake Klein Waller

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 @ 7PM

Arriving in Fredericton, an alien and an unknown, he is a figure from the future and from the past. What can be seen here, by these unfamiliar eyes? What can be known here, by this man, a cowboy? Wandering a coastal river valley, deep in the winter months, deep in the snow, so far from home…

In a two-week long residency at Connexion ARC, Calgary-based artist Jake Klein Waller will work inside the studio and out in the landscape, continuing to develop the cowboy persona that currently anchors his performance practice. This persona explores a problematic and archetypical figure of macho masculinity, at once appealing and repellant in its romanticized alienation, in its myth of rugged independence and closeness to nature, in its shifting re-presentation in pop country music, at the Calgary Stampede and in Alberta’s cultural identity at large…

Join us in Connexion ARC’s main space on Tuesday, February 16 at 7 PM for a conversation with Jake Klein Waller, followed by a screening of his video Float (2014) as a part of Threshold video art festival.

Cowboy for an Unfamiliar Landscape is an emerging artist residency presented in partnership with Mountain Standard Time, an artist-run performative art festival based in Calgary.

PHOTO: Diane + Mike Photography, Jake Klein Waller “I’m here to shoot the ghost” (2014)

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