Cat Videos and Other Forms of Flattery, local artists-in-residence

Because art is what makes life more interesting than art.

Through the winter months, Connexion ARC will host four of our local artist-membership as artists-in-residence, using the centre’s main space and technical resources to undertake new projects.

In December, Rüdi Aker is experimenting with plastic and light: using digital projection, vinyl, acrylic, text and image as materials to consider a painted surface from both sides. Her project “this belongs to me?” will explore the bodily and psychological implications of ownership.

In January, Benjamin Dugdale is collaborating with Erin Goodine to build a theatrical set for his feature length film “CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE.” In homage to George Méliès and the aesthetic of early silent film, the duo will work primarily on papier-mâché mountain ranges and other three-dimensional set pieces for scenes set on the moon.

For the last half of January, Kelly Hill is forming The Museum of Past Selves: an institution designed to accommodate the garments we can’t let go because we’re afraid of losing the memory of the person we were when we wore them. Each garment will be tagged and assigned a unique accession number, and information will be compiled about its history, provenance, and condition. Unlike other museum collections, these artifacts will be donated, sold and otherwise reintroduced into circulation.

Through mid-February, Penelope Stevens’ residency will culminate in the public presentation and film documentation of “NIGHTMAREZ,” a performance probing the implications of helplessly externalizing trauma, be it real or unreal. When I wake up beside the man who just lobbed off my head, what will we talk about over breakfast?

More information about the public presentation of these projects will be available on Connexion ARC’s Facebook page.

PHOTO: Grumpy Cat onstage at VidCon 2014, from

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