Sacrificing the Third Dimension, artist-in-residence Michelle McGeean

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 @ 7PM

Because it seems to me that there is a link between built environments and ‘the page’ that goes beyond materiality. Think, blocks of text; constructing an argument; the plot of a narrative; a plot of land. Think, wood-pulp paper and lithostones and timber framing, or the similarity between a sheet of plywood and a sheet of paper – that flat vertical rectangle.

Things found on pages are usually discussed as secondary events. As re-productions, or re-presentations, or as tales told, recounted, recalibrated, or reformatted as “two dimensional model[s] of reality that can be multiplied without limit, displaced spatially and temporally, and traded on the open market.” (from Theodor Adorno, The Form of the Phonograph Record, OCTOBER vol. 55)

Michelle McGeean’s month-long residency at Connexion ARC asks: what if the page is the initial event? Or the only one? Her project, Sacrificing the Third Dimension, stems from a fascination with both the volatility of objects and the persistence of the page, described by Victor Hugo: “this will kill that, the book will kill the building.”

Work created by McGeean, responding specifically the physical ‘site’ of a page, will be distributed internationally, delivered in person and by post.

Join us Wednesday, June 24 at 7PM in Connexion ARC’s main space, for a conversation with Michelle McGeean.

Contemporary art programming at Connexion ARC is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Government of New Brunswick, Picaroons Brewing Company, private donors, and our devoted Board and membership. Admission is free and open to the public.

IMAGE: material from Marshall McLuhan, From Cliché to Archetype(1970)

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