What the non-human taught us, a conversation with Corinna Ghaznavi, Marina Roy, D’Arcy Wilson, and Janice Wright Cheney

Saturday, July 4, 2015 @ 2 PM

The last beachheads of uniqueness have been despoiled, polluted if not turned into amusement parks. Language, tool use, social behaviour, mental being – these things no longer convincingly settle a separation of ‘human’ and ‘animal’. To be other is to be multiple, without clear boundary, frayed, insubstantial.

Join us in Connexion ARC’s main space, for a conversation with artists Marina Roy, D’Arcy Wilson, Janice Wright-Cheney, and curator Corinna Ghaznavi, discussing the complex relations between human and non-human animals as explored through their respective practices.

Contemporary art is a space where we can imagine what else is possible with great irreverence, while critically examining the existing cultural structures that determine our (human) relationship to other animals and other forms of life.

Admission is free and open to the public.

IMAGE: D’Arcy Wilson, Fleshold (2011)

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