The Floating Archipelago, an exhibition by Marina Roy

June 12 – September 10, 2015

Mid-exhibition reception, Friday, July 3 at 5 PM, at Connexion ARC’s project space at the Fredericton Playhouse.

One role for art is to create a clearing within our petrified landscape, and, through this reordering of new and obsolete stuff, through bricolage and play, to construct new meanings, new conceptions of reality, shot through with historical memory, utopian aspirations, and pleasure.

In a new animation work for Connexion ARC, Marina Roy imagines a sci-fi feminist utopia, where ‘Nature’ takes on a supernatural nature, and sets us adrift into the dreamworld of The Floating Archipelago – stretching what we know to be true or possible in our relations with the natural world.

Coming out of a time spent immersed in animal studies and biopolitics research, here the artist returns to the feminist texts central to her earlier work. The Floating Archipelago borrows materially from craft practices and from the bold cut paper style made famous by Matisse, late in his career. With the vinyl-acrylic collage works that structure the video animation installed alongside the animation itself, the work begins to reveal its processes of production.

Marina Roy is a contemporary artist based in Vancouver whose practice examines the various conditions and conditioning of lived-bodily relations, making use of painting, drawing, performance, animation, and collaboration, among other tools. The publication of her new book project, Queuejumping, is forthcoming.

PHOTO: Marina Roy, The Floating Archipelago (2015) (video still)

Join us for a mid-exhibition reception on Friday, July 3, from 5 – 6:30 PM at Connexion ARC’s project space at The Fredericton Playhouse.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Collage & Animation by Marina Roy; Sound by Graham Meisner.

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