over time, an exhibition by Shift Work

February 2 – March 27, 2015

It requires a level of insanity. That’s how you described it to me, once, when I’d just gotten out of art school, and hadn’t yet understood exactly how little time there was to make art out here, in the real world. We sat there, drinking whisky and staring out into the snow.

Shift Work is a Fredericton-based collective whose organizing principle is a shared feeling of being a ‘part-time artist.’ In the last year, they have made time to make work together, and staged a series of pop-up exhibitions, each running 24 consecutive hours before disappearing again, into the ether.

Retail, Customer Service, Coffee Shop Work, Fitness Equipment Repairs, Graphic Design, Wedding Photography, Bookkeeping, Public School Teaching: their days fill up with other forms of labour; their hours are regimented by other economies, other tasks. Art happens in the interstices; collaborations and skill sharing happens too.

This exhibition brings together works by a selection of Shift Work artists, created in 2014: the first year of their collective activity.

Admission is free, all are welcome.

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