Publication launch, Saturday, December 13 2014 @ 6PM

M A S H E D is a limited edition print publication produced by a group of Connexion ARC members in the autumn of 2014. Taking the intersections between three concurrent exhibitions at Connexion ARC as a fuel for conversation, M A S H E D emerged from eight artists’ respective practices, responding to ongoing discussion.

The three exhibitions in question were Alisa Arsenault’s The Dumps: Always and For Never, Steven Cottingham’s Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, and Nicole Kelly Westman’s I am not a romantic. I am the victim of a loveless heart.

The eight artists who produced the publication are Kelly Hill, Penelope Stevens, #hotdadjesus, David Brewer, sophia bartholomew, Erin Goodine, Hugh Thomas, and Joss Richer.

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