Gallery Connexion Exposed

Derek Davidson (painting), Jennifer Beckley (fibre based art), Carol Taylor (painting), John MacDermid (photography), David Porter (painting), Ilia Goldfarb (painting), Teididh McElwaine (mixed media), Muriel Bell (drawing), Sarah Petite (encaustic), Meredith Snider (drawing), Amanda Saulnier Flecknell (drawing), Chris Giles (photography), Rita Sassani (sculpture), Stephen May (painting), Carol Collicutt (painting), WhiteFeather (fibre based art), Patrick Howlett (painting), Giovana Vazatta (mixed media), Kim Vose Jones (painting), Ann Manuel (drawing), Gerald Beaulieu (sculpture)

Gallery Connexion Exposed is a non-juried group exhibition showcasing some of the excellent work being produced by Connexion’s artist members, including artists from Prince Edward Island, Saint John, and Fredericton.

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