Master Printmakers 2/3 – Then and Now

Then and Now is an exhibition of prints by master printmaker Robert A. Van de Peer. Van de Peer is the second in a series of three master printmakers to be showcased at Gallery Connexion over the course of three years. Last year was a survey of work by master printmaker David Umholtz of Deer Island, New Brunswick.

Then and Now will consist of two parts: the first are art works dealing with earlier printmaking techniques using the old toxic processes in the medium of etching. The second part demonstrates the use of toxic free materials and the advantages gained.

“The title of my exhibition, Then and Now, is an exposition of the advantages of modern research, relative to what is possible in the new age of printmaking. Experimentation in the medium of printmaking is paramount to me, especially when striving to reinvent printmaking- in particular the medium of etching – as a toxic free technique. This is a green way for producing artwork and a safer method for young people to work with. I believe the latter to be my most important contribution to the world of printmaking. I hope it is not the last.” – Robert Van de Peer

Robert’s imagery is exquisite in its subtleties, compositions and quiet intelligence. He breathes new life to the technique of printmaking through his imagery, which often references the elements (earth, wind, fire and water), in their rawest form.

Robert A. Van de Peer has been a master printer in residence at the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in St. Andrews, New Brunswick since 1998. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in painting and lithography from the Royal Academy of Arts in London, England and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking from the Medway College of Arts in Rochester, England. He has taught, led workshops, and exhibited all across Canada, in New York City, and throughout England.

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