Dirt Vessels, a digital residency with Carolyn Saunders

Connexion Artist-Run Centre continues our series of Isolation Projects with Dirt Vessels, a digital residency with Carolyn Saunders from May 17 to 31, 2020.

Unfired greenware clay is delicate and ephemeral. Whatever shape it takes, it can be broken down again and recycled back into workable clay or left to decompose over time in a natural environment. For her project Dirt Vessels, Carolyn will be creating small pinch pots and other sculptural forms from clay and dirt, left outside to slowly decompose back into the earth. Carolyn will be sharing updates on this process over the next two weeks, so make sure to follow @connexion.arc on Facebook and Instagram!

About the Artist:

Carolyn Saunders is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in ceramics, using the natural world as a source for materials and inspiration. Her love of playing with dirt has cumulated over the last 28 years of her life and forms the basis of her artistic practice. As an artist, Carolyn focuses on the concepts of decomposition and the ephemeral state of our planet using materials such as dirt, moss, dried pasta, coffee grounds, tree bark and clay. She is currently attending NBCCD in the Ceramics program to broaden her knowledge of clay and to develop her business as an emerging potter.

We would also like to acknowledge the generous support of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation, allowing us to continue the Isolation Projects series. Proposals are still being accepted on an ongoing basis; see www.connexionarc.org for more information.

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