The Dumps (Always and For Never), an exhibition by Alisa Arsenault

July 21 – September 12, 2014

Closing reception, Friday, September 12 at 5 PM, at Connexion ARC’s project space at The Fredericton Playhouse

Through the specificity of family stories, Alisa Arsenault’s installation for Connexion ARC broaches broad questions surrounding the negotiation and re-negotiation of inherited narrative. In a video playing along the far wall of the gallery, the artist enacts imagined conversations between her mother and her mother’s former lovers. Taking up these shifting anecdotes, Arsenault highlights their distance from lived reality. Masks and other ephemera stand enshrined along the adjacent wall, recalling the aesthetic of both family photographs and of teen idol worship.

Alisa Arsenault is a contemporary artist based in Moncton who uses video and installation to explore the ephemeral and malleable construction of reality through narrative.

PHOTO: Alisa Arsenault, The Dumps (Always and For Never) (2013) (video still)

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