I am not a romantic. I am the victim of a loveless heart., an exhibition by Nicole Kelly Westman

July 21 – September 12, 2014

Closing reception, Friday, September 12 at 5 PM, at Connexion ARC’s project space at The Fredericton Playhouse

At a moment when social relations are both shaped and quantified by the online circulation of photographic media, Nicole Kelly Westman’s installation for Connexion ARC glances sideways at lived experiences which pass unnoticed and undocumented.

Channeling the candor of stream-of-consciousness style writing, Westman’s series of large-format photographic prints tour through memories of uncertainty and awkwardness, romance and misunderstanding. Lilting into coloured tint and light at the bottom of each panel, the material reference to historical photographic processes enacts a subtle evocation of the active construction of myth and memory.

A contemporary artist based between Banff and Vancouver, Westman’s practice uses photographic processes to explore a contemporary politics of representation and self-construction.

PHOTO: Nicole Kelly Westman, I am not a romantic. I am the victim of a loveless heart. (2014)

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