Some thing that exists

Opening Reception : May 17th at 7PM
Artist Talk : May 19th at 2PM

Some thing that exists
Jaime Angelopoulos and Derrick Piens

Some thing that exists is a collaborative sculptural exhibition by Toronto-based artists Jaime Angelopoulos and Derrick Piens. Using everyday materials, such as fabric, paper, and home building supplies, the two have created human-scale sculptures where the viewer slips in as an additional physical element.

Jaime Angelopoulos often uses fabric to surface her sculptures through modular, repetitive constructive processes. The textures of her sculptures emphasize a sense of tactility, reminding the viewer of the sense of touch—reaffirming a bodily comprehension and a relationship with the physical world.

Derrick Piens uses planar materials such as plywood, foam, and fabric to enclose and articulate space through hollow form. These forms are slightly larger than the human body, theoretically providing a space that a body could fit into. He is interested in defining a direct physical relationship between the sculpture, the viewer, and the space they inhabit simultaneously.

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