Trading Cards January 20

This Friday, Gallery Connexion is hosting a special event where emerging and professional artists will gather to trade small versions of their work.

Ashley Theriault, local photographer and NBCCD student, organized the event and assembled 48 artists who will be displaying their tiny wares at their own tables. This is only the second annual trading card event, and Theriault said she wanted to keep it going after the original organizer moved away because it was so much fun.

The actual trading starts with each artist at their own table, where 50 of their mini works of art are on display. Some people make each business-card sized piece unique, which is quite time-consuming, so many artists do multiples of a certain design.

“It can be any medium, any thickness, so last year there were people who did ceramics for instance … there’s fabric, photography, all sorts,” Theriault said.

After everyone participating in the event has had a chance to take a look around, the artists will walk to a different table every 45 seconds and choose a piece of mini art from that person’s table. When they hear the music stop, they move on to the next table to pick up their favourite in that spot.

“It’s sort of like musical chairs, but no one’s out,” Theriault said. “You don’t have a lot of time to think about what card, kind of thing, so you just grab one.”

By the end of the night, everyone will have their own personal deck of art, as well as one of their own cards to keep.

The gallery has its own deck as well, and Theriault said while they’re not planning on displaying the pieces yet, over the next couple of years the centre will add to their collection and showcase them later.

The only condition of the event is becoming a member of the gallery, which Theriault says is a great way for younger artists to network, and they could later have the option of using the gallery to display their work.

This year will also be a bit of a fundraiser for the gallery, with the proceeds of a cash bar going towards the artist-run centre. Although the public doesn’t participate in the trading, Theriault said those who are interested in joining next year’s event can come and see what it’s like, but just need to stand out of the way of the tables.

The artist trading card event takes place January 20th at 7PM at Gallery Connexion on York St, and admission is free. You can watch local artists swap mini-art, and have some drinks and food to support the gallery.

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