Art in Action Documentary Screening With Cinema Politica January 13

An abundance of art, love, and idealism : that’s what fuels Annie Roy
and Pierre Allard, the founders of l’Action terroriste socialement
acceptable. For the past decade, ATSA has made performance an act of
intervention, an art that engages citizens in the struggle for a
humane and civil society. Magnus Isacsson homes his camera on the
political idealism and domestic demands of the Roy-Allard partnership
and finds inspiration, generosity, and integrity in their exemplary
life project. A powerful, moving, and candid documentary that makes you
believe in a better tomorrow.

Co-hosted by Gallery Connexion and Cinema Politica Fredericton, this
screening (in French with English subtitles) takes place at Conserver
House, 180 St. John Street, Friday, January 13th, at 7PM.

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