Surgery Series 3.0 – Geordie Haley ‘Sculptures’ CD Launch

$10 Admission — Special CD Prices

Geordie Haley is an acclaimed guitarist, composer, improviser, and educator. Since his arrival in Halifax in the fall of 2008, he has been involved in a myriad of musical projects like Paul Cram’s Upstream consorts, the 6.0 Sextet and Guerrilla Orchestra; Jamie Gatti’s Riot Squad; Norm Adams’ Timeless Pulses with Jerry Granelli; Tom Easley’s Mingus Magus; and Paul Barrett’s Back Alley Big Band. The improvising electronic trio ZOKUGAKU featuring Geordie on guitar, Tim Crofts on keys, and Doug Cameron on drums is about to release a recording of spontaneous compositions. In January 2010, Geordie was a featured performer with the Canadian New Music Network’s Conference playing with Symphony Nova Scotia and in a solo concert.

During his 12 years in Toronto, Geordie was actively involved in the new music and improvising scenes and released five albums of original compositions, for which he was recognized with a nomination for the Louis Applebaum Jazz Composition Award. Always looking for new sounds and challenges, Geordie has toured and recorded with some of Canada’s leading new music progenitors. He has been a co-curator of the groundbreaking new music series’ Strange Folk and Leftover Daylight.

“Sculptures” is a prepared guitar extravaganza produced with Jean Martin of Barnyard Records. This album marks a return to using the studio as a creative tool. It contains wondrous new textures drawn from subtle manipulations of strings, slides, e-bow, capos, and dobro bridges.

On April 3rd, Geordie will be joined by Fredericton’s guitar and improvising guru Mark Carmody who will open the night with his APOTROPION (defence against evil influenece) series of guitar compositions. Geordie will follow with a set of prepared guitar improvisations and spontaneous elaborations with themes from his Threnody cycle. Mark and Geordie will then do a duet improvisation, recalling and building from their legendary Exploding Meet “Circus of Disharmony” days, a prolific collaboration from the early 1990s!

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