In Search of Desire

Featuring a mixture of video and installation, Ferguson’s exhibition explores weighty topics such as nihilism, voyeurism vis-à-vis mortality, and the futility of emotional experiences all through the lens of humour.

More Info
In Search of Desire
May 20th to June 24th, 2010
Artist : Clark Ferguson
Opening : Thursday, May 20th at 5PM
Workshop/Artist Talk : TBA

About the Artist
Clark Ferguson is a Saskatchewan-based visual artist interested in the spectacle, humour, and issues of gender and sexuality. His practice utilizes print-media, photography, performance, video, and installation to create experimental, eccentric projects. Ferguson’s recent work has been created so as to work as either a gallery installation combining video, photography, and sculpture with performative elements or as a single channel video work that can be viewed in a screening or festival context. He is also interested in working within self-imposed limitations that define in what manner work is developed and produced. These ‘impositions’ mirror the conceptual interests explored in the artist’s work. This process not only effects the final product, but becomes part of the research and is in effect a performative aspect of the work. Ferguson’s projects utilize humour as a manner in which to explore ideas.

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