Effections: We Need to Talk

Effections: We Need to Talk is a series of video installations based on a labour-intensive process. Each installation is a video composed of digital prints illustrating different components of intimate relations. The show addresses the stories and physical remnants of the union, whether it be the time, space, or memory the two units have shared. The installations will also depict the fond memories of actions and reactions of a relationship. The gesture of crumpling moments and reviewing the discards plays on the artist’s interests. Effections: We Need to Talk is a physical reflection of a process. It questions where we go from there.

Opening : Thursday, April 30th from 5 to 7PM
Artist Talk : Saturday, May 2nd at 1PM

In Effections: We Need to Talk, process becomes the emphasis and how intensity can be expressed successfully with the use of duration and repetition. The process then becomes a performance to show the occupation of space and time. Men has a need to overwhelm his audience by occupying/overtaking space with excessive productions. He has an obsession with mapping time and reflecting it physically. His work becomes an assembly line of research/visualization, production, and the end result.

It is only natural to begin relating his works to the working class’ strict redundant cycles. Labour intensity is a strong element in his installation practice. His goal is primarily to touch on everyday personal issues that the viewers can relate to. These issues have unfolded a series of social cycles that we have become familiar with.

About the Artist
Immony Men is a college graduate from the Dawson Cinema and Communication. He completed his BFA at Concordia University majoring in interdisciplinary studies within studio arts. He is currently completing his MFA at the University of Windsor in visual arts.

Funding and Sponsors
The Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts, the City of Fredericton, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

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