Demonstration With Press

A free demonstration of printing with a press with visiting master printer Paule Mainguy

Saturday, March 14 at 1PM at the UNB Art Center, Memorial Hall, 9 Bailey Drive, UNB Campus.

Paule Mainguy is a master printer who lives and works in Montreal. She has been a printer for nearly ten years after being trained along the European tradition with master printer Francois-Xavier Marange at Atelier Circulaire in Montreal. “One of the many privileges of my trade is certainly that of being able to mingle with artists and be part of their creative process. All trades summon my respect, for the craftsmen, through sheer skill, comes to embody the essence of his actions. The printer loves the engraving, loves the smell of inks, the depth of the black and the whiteness of the paper. But above all, he loves the state of being totally absorbed and the concentration his trade requires.” — Paule Mainguy, 2009.

Join us to witness the art of a master and to gain a better understanding of the process of printing with a press.

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