Head-Games: hoods, helmets, & gasmasks

Gallery Connexion, in partnership with the UNB Art Centre, is pleased to present Head-Games: hoods, helmets & gasmasks, an exhibition of drawings and video by Montreal artist Sophie Jodoin, video in collaboration with David Jhave Johnston.

“Two years ago I started working on the war series. This ongoing body of work contains many thematically-entwined sub-series and comprises over 600+ drawings in conté, black gesso, and collage on mylar. The examination of war, its victims, and dehumanization conforms to a consistent interest in my career: the human figure as psychological sign.

Head-Games is a sub-section of the war series. It consists of 80 drawings and a video projection. Various headgears are shown – helmets, gasmasks, & hoods – with some hybridized into faces. The drawings portray individuals simultaneously as both perpetrators and victims: their gazes both reveal and conceal. The slow-motion video parallels the drawings by portraying children playing at war, revealing an underlying inherent human violence in innocence.” – Sophie Jodoin, 2008

Sophie Jodoin studied visual arts at Concordia University in Montreal, graduating in 1988. She has had several solo exhibitions in Canada including Edward Day Gallery in Toronto (2004, 2005) and Newzones Gallery in Calgary (2005). She has participated in international art fairs and group shows across Quebec and Canada, in the United States and in Europe. Her works can be found in private and public collections both in North America and in Europe. She lives and works in Montreal.

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