Connexion Art Cave at Flourish Fest 2022

Image of Connexion Art Cave at the Dandy Paint Lounge July 16-18, Flourish Fest 2022. Dark room with potlights in the ceiling. Fabric bean bag chairs on the ground in coral and teal colours. screen in the middle with film projection and fabric hanging from room cut into drips in teal, green and dark blue. A door is on the left side and a camera is on the right side.

In April we started off our collaboration with Flourish fest with 4 artist workshops:

KC Wilcox: Making a Virtual Gallery on April 9

Lindsay Jacquard: Storytelling for RPGs on April 30

Gary Weekes: Photo Projects to do at Home on April 23

Jeff Arbeau: Creating Interactive Multimedia Spaces on April 16

The workshops were a great lead up to the festival and a very special collaborative opportunity for Connexion. We were able to include some long-time friends of Connexion in our programming and welcome some new faces to show us their talents and teach others in the process.

We set to work at the beginning of June purchasing materials and making plans with the Dandy Painting Lounge to set up in a room just off of the painting studio (have you ventured to The Dandy yet? It’s a great space and Duncan, the owner, has been exceptionally generous and kind to us at Connexion ARC). Installation was completed with the assistance from Connexion volunteer and friends, Tracey O’Brien and Todd Fraser on June 16th just in time for our grand opening on the 17th at 5pm.

What is the Art Cave you ask? Well here is the formal description:

Art Cave is a site-specific installation and experimental art-making experience brought to you by Connexion Artist Run-centre. During FLOURISH Fest drop in at The Dandy to experiment with our DragonFrame software, the industry standard for stop-motion animation, and play around with projecting your finished animation using Madmapper, video mapping technology. Connexion’s ‘Art Cave’ will be installed for the entirety of the festival and include introductions and learning assistance to the software and installation by Connexion staff and volunteers. 

There was also other artists presenting material during the week/weekend of the festival:

Friday July 16-Todd Fraser’s curated screening ‘The New Brunswick Imaginary Cinematheque’ which included filmmakers, Kennlin Barlow, Penny McCann, Heather Young, Dan Smelly, Evan Furness, Rena Thomas, Todd Fraser, Chris Giles and Rebecca Blankert.

Saturday July 17-Charles Harding’s ‘Rain Beast’ and a screening of Daniel Quintanilla’s documentary, ‘The Intersection’ Saturday July 17.

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