Print and Sculpt

By Todd Fraser and Rebecca Blankert for Connexion ARC’s Isolation Project Series

Print & Sculpt Home Studio

We invite you to print, cut and create a paper sculpture, beginning with our basic instructions and continued through your creative spirit.
All you need is a printer, the PDF download that we have made available to you and some glue? scissors? tape? paint? glitter? etc. The materials are only limited by what you can imagine.

The instructions are these:

  1.   Print the PDF attached to this post below
  2.   Cut out the shape of the sculpture outside the solid line
  3.   Bend the dashed boxes attached to the sculpture with the word “tab” across it
  4.   Now build your sculpture however you see fit. Some suggestions: Make creases along thebody of the sculpture to create jagged edges, rip the paper up and tape it back together, scrunch the paper and scribble on the creases made by the “scrunching”, paint the paper, twist the paper, sew the paper
  5.   Now photograph your creation, in your creative space and post the image to instagram with the hashtag, #printsculptarc
  6.   Enjoy sharing your sculpture with your social media friends, family and strangers and contemplate, admire and behold what they have created
  7.   Put your sculpture in your creative space and enjoy it for years to come or recycle it into something you enjoy better

Right click on this link to download the file >>> Print and Sculpt





We wish to acknowledge funding support for this series from the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation.





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