Limited Time Offer, a residency series

72-hour pop-up exhibition with artists-in-residence Ryan O’Toole, Mel McMichael, sophia bartholomew & Rudi Aker.

This summer, four emerging artist-members of Connexion Artist-Run Centre for Contemporary Art will undertake new projects as artists-in-residence, as part of a pop-up group exhibition titled Limited Time Offer.

In 2017, Connexion began operating without a fixed location, Limited Time Offer will be the centre’s first residency project to work outside of traditional exhibition strategies. The exhibition will activate Connexion’s current shared workspace into a temporary gallery, with projects installed for 72 hours only. Showcasing artistic production completed by artists-in-residence over the months of July and August, projects will be on view at Sixty-Five York Creative Studio from August 25 – 27.

July 16 – 29 》 Ryan O’Toole
July 30 – August 12 》 Mel McMichael
August 13 – 25 》 sophia bartholomew & Rudi Aker

follow their process on instagram @connexion.arc

This project is presented with the support of Sixty-Five York Creative Studio and shiftwork collective. Photography by Christina Lovegrove Thomson.

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