Nictitate / Supernova

EXHIBITION: through until March 10 2014

Hamilton-based artist Nancy Anne McPhee’s installation work Nictitate is being exhibited alongside Supernova, a new body of work by Fredericton-based artist Kris LeBlanc.

From the latin nictare, the word nictitate describes the act of winking. Here, McPhee’s exhibition uses stripes, pattern, illusion, and sheen to create an experiential situation for the viewer where the optical field is active and overwhelming. In Supernova, LeBlanc’s large-scale paintings make use of organic abstraction to create illusions of depth and movement that act to distort the viewer’s perception of space. 

Visually referencing 1960’s ‘Op Art,’ and the ‘Abstract Expressionism’ of the 1940’s and 50’s, these two exhibitions create a situation of intense physiological experience through the use of divergent means.

Coming from a practice rooted in textile installation, Nancy Anne McPhee works with optical illusion and distortion to create spaces of not-knowing – focused on the many possible intersections of knowledge, nature, and gender. 

Kris LeBlanc is a contemporary artist with a background in drawing and painting. The process-driven artworks in Supernova mark a significant break from a practice grounded in representation. 

MID-EXHIBITION RECEPTION on Thursday, February 27 @ 5 PM

THE NNEX is Connexion ARC’s project space, located at The Fredericton Playhouse (686 Queen Street). Professional exhibitions in this space pair an exhibition by a New Brunswick based artist with an exhibition by an out-of-province artist. NNEX exhibitions are made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, The Government of New Brunswick, The City of Fredericton and The Fredericton Playhouse.

Nancy Anne McPhee’s exhibition was further supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

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