Storytelling Two: Green March 17

Some “old” favourites and new talent will (re)convene this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day to spin some tales on the theme of “green.” Will there be stories of fresh love in springtime, fumbling inexperience, alcohol poisoning or leisurely traipsing through the Irish landscape? Well… maybe, probably, yes?

Molly Bauer
Matt Carter
Erin Keating
Megan MacKay
Jacques Poitras
Corey Redekop

These folks will take the stage and, without a script, weave their adventures before your very ears. This event is co-sponsored by Goose Lane Editions and there will be a book table featuring several of their quality titles at specially discounted prices. Oh, and drinks (it is St. Patrick’s after all).

Doors open at 7PM, stories start at 8PM

$7 at the door, $5 for Gallery Connexion members.

RSVP on Facebook — view event page

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