Unsilent Night in Downtown Fredericton!

Unsilent Night in Downtown Fredericton!
an open procession for an unlimited number of boom boxes
by New York composer Phil Kline

Meet on Friday, December 17th 2010 meet at 12:30 afternoon
at Gallery Connexion Chestnut Complex 440 York St.


A beautiful, mobile piece of ambient public art, UNSILENT NIGHT can be compared to a holiday carolling party — except that participants don’t sing. Instead, each carries an ordinary boombox playing a separate cassette or CD that becomes part of the piece.

In effect, the individual participants become single elements in a huge, moving sound system. Performed within the confines of city streets, Unsilent Night reverberates off the cars and buildings, resulting in a magnificent, drifting cloud of shimmering, echoing sound. The 43-minute piece includes sounds of chiming bells, choral voices and various electronic effects. (Kline cites Brian Eno and Charles Ives among his influences). Kline has performed Unsilent Night in New York City every year since 1992. In San Francisco in 2006, some 400 people took part.

or call 454-1433

Bring your boombox or just come out and listen!
Bring batteries! Bring your iPod and speakers! Dress for the weather!

CDs and cassettes will be provided if needed
To find out how to get free downloads, contact info@motionensemble.com

“Phil Kline’s boom box-chorale parade has become a bona fide holiday tradition. His luminous, shimmering wash of bell tones is one of the loveliest communal new-music experiences you’ll ever hear and it’s never the same twice” – Time Out New York.

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