Surgery Series 6.0 / Circuit

Ellwood Epps (Trumpet, Montreal)
Evan Shaw (Alto Saxophone, Toronto)

Saturday, October 23rd – 8 to 10PM
$10 admission

New jazz for brass and brasstronauts

Surgery Series / Circuit is a series of contemporary and experimental musical performances that stimulate the appreciation of new and creative music.  Its intent is to provide regional and national artists with the opportunity to experiment, collaborate, and improvise while communicating freely about musical arts.  Its goal is to stimulate appreciation for the musical arts, emerging artists, and experimental cross-collaboration in disciplines.  The Surgery Series provides opportunities for artists who might otherwise not have a local venue to perform in.

All members of the public welcome to attend.
Wet / Dry event

The Surgery Series / Circuit is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts Music in Alternative Spaces Program and the City of Fredericton Arts, Culture & Heritage Series Grant.  It is organized by Eric Hill, Joel LeBlanc, and Gallery Connexion

Gallery Connexion is Fredericton, New Brunswick’s artist-run centre. From its inception in 1984, Gallery Connexion, a not-for-profit organization with charitable status, has supported politically and socially engaged art through a range of programming initiatives such as exhibitions, performances, special projects, and workshops. Gallery Connexion promotes contemporary Canadian and international artists, emerging and established, from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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