Suzanne Caines

Gallery Connexion welcomes Halifax-based artist Suzanne Caines for a residency starting July 12th until August 7th, 2010. Caines will install previously completed work in the gallery for the month of July as she works on completing a new body of work to be exhibited in the month of August. During her residency, Caines will work in one of Gallery Connexion’s studio spaces.

Caines has proposed to extend a performative video piece she made this year called Romance in China. The original piece was filmed in Beijing, China (2009) where Caines quoted love lines from Hollywood movies. For her residency at Gallery Connexion this summer, Caines will re-create a new piece by bringing in actors from Fredericton to recreate the original piece reciting the same love lines to them. She is interested to see how the responses differ between Beijing and Fredericton. The final piece will be two videos screened side-by-side. Both pieces will play simultaneously, however the sound will drop in and out depending on the scene. This will allow the audience to compare the two pieces. One projected video will be Romance in China and the other video will consist of the newly created documentation made in Fredericton demonstrating miscommunication and what is lost in the process of working within various cultural settings.

“I am interested in how the actual location of my interaction changes the meaning of my performances. Will the locale of Fredericton, New Brunswick change the meaning and possibly the authenticity of my work compared to China? I am also interested in how the viewer judges an authentic moment. My work will posit that the geography of the encounter will disrupt the meaning of each encounter.”
– Suzanne Caines, 2010
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More Info

Artist Residency : July 13th to August 7th, 2010
Artist Talk : July 29th at 7PM
Exhibition Opening : August 5th, 7 to 9PM
Exhibition : August 5th to 31st, 2010

Suzanne Caines graduated with her Master of Arts (Fine Arts) from Chelsea College, the London Institute in 2004. Caines has held several solo exhibits and has participated in group exhibitions and festivals in public galleries in North America and Europe. These include Trampoline, Berlin, Germany; Reception Space/Meals and SUV’s, London, England; The Projection Gallery, Liverpool, England; The Nunnery Gallery, London, England; Transmediale 2006, Berlin, Germany; Vertexlist Gallery, Brooklyn, New York; Optica, Montreal, Quebec; and MSVU Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Caines has received several Canada Council grants, Nova Scotia Arts grants, and has participated in several international residencies including CAMAC Marnay Sur Seine, France; The Future Idea of Art, The Banff Center, Alberta; local artist in residence at CFAT, Nova Scotia; Binaural, Portugal, and Red Gate, China. She is currently teaching part-time at NSCAD University and exploring the potential for producing new works and understanding the world through the “constructed situations” that she organizes.

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