Master Printmakers 3/3 – Printer’s Proofs

Artists : François Vincent, Louis-Pierre Bougie, François-Xavier Marange, Charlotte Fauteux, Claudia Bernal, Yechel Gagnon, etc.

Curator : Paule Mainguy

Paule Mainguy is the third master printmaker in a series of three to be showcased at Gallery Connexion over the course of three years. Mainguy is currently working in Montreal, Quebec as the master printmaker in residence at Atelier Circulaire.

Printer’s Proofs is an acknowledgment of Paule Mainguy’s love for engraving and of her immense pleasure in working with artists who are so very different from one another in their practices as well as in their printed work, especially in intaglio. This exhibition also serves to showcase the work accomplished in nearly ten years at Atelier Circulaire in Montreal, a workshop renowned for the quality of its equipment and the excellence of its know-how.

Trained along the European tradition by master printer François-Xavier Marange at Atelier Circulaire, in a setting where copper work has always been valued, Mainguy has developed an expertise for all that concerns intaglio. As in the golden age of the editors, the artist and the printer agree to give a copy to the printer. This practice is not always customary these days, it has to be urged slightly. The Master Printmakers 3/3 : Printer’s Proofs exhibition presents a few of the works taken directly from Mainguy’s drawers and produced in recent years, to exemplify the work accomplished and the progress made. You will be able to see her printing work through different intaglio techniques such as dry point, etching, engraving, aquatint and chine collé.

About the Artist
Paule Mainguy was born in Quebec City. She lives and works in Montreal. After having explored several professional pursuits, she is now a printer and has been for nearly ten years, after training with master printer François-Xavier Marange at Atelier Circulaire in Montreal. And there, since 2002, she is also the intaglio workshop’s coordinator.

Funding and Sponsors
The Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts, the City of Fredericton, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the UNB Art Centre

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