Cat LeBlanc

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Cat based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She has a formal background in music (classical guitar, vocals, piano, songwriting labs, and mentorships). She is being mentored in songwriting and arrangement by award-winning singer/songwriter Dan Hill. Cat was awarded a scholarship for the ‘Musician in Residence’ program at the Banff Centre and spent three weeks there in January of this year. She has received artsnb and other creative grants for her exploratory music projects.


“Conversations We Never Had”

“Conversations We Never Had” is an unfolding revelation of a spoken word. Cat is a sound creator who likes to experiment and explore music, voice and ambient sounds. Her work is to inform by the loss of her only sister to brain cancer. Her sister has influenced a body of music and sound creations. Cat has been exploring the themes of loss, the passage of time along with memory and the realization that certain conversations will never happen with loved ones once they are gone.


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