Connexion Exchange Mentorship: Rachel & Ron

Connexion ARC announces the third mentorship of Connexion Exchange: Rachel A. MacGillivray & Ron Benner

Rachel MacGillivray and Ron Benner, the third mentorship pair of Connexion Exchange, worked together from July 19 to October 19.

Connexion Exchange is a 3-month mentorship program pairing nine emerging and mid-career New Brunswick artists with established Canadian art mentors for one-on-one mentorship. This program will run from June 2021 – June 2022.  Mentorships will be completed online or in person, if possible. This program will culminate in a joint artist talk and the creation of an artwork. Over the course of each mentorship, updates of the pairs’ work will be shared. The gallery exhibition will take place after all the mentorships have been completed in the Fall of 2022.

Rachel A. MacGillivray is a New Brunswick-based textile artist who works with natural materials such as wool. She is working toward having her own family sheep farm to support her textile work, and recently has taken an interest in gardening as an artistic medium. She has writings on textiles published in PLY Magazine and Created Here. As well, she is the Studio Head of Textile Design at NBCCD. You can find her work at and follow her on Instagram at

Ron Benner is an internationally recognized Canadian artist whose long-standing practice investigates the history and political economics of food cultures. He illustrates these issues with artworks that combine photography, installation art and gardening. He is also a writer and environmental/social justice advocate currently living and working in London, Ontario, Canada. You can see his work at, and read about some of his latest work at his organization The Embassy Cultural House.

Stay tuned for dates of the mentorships, talks and other special events at

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