Artists-in-Residence: rudi aker and sophia bartholomew

rudi aker is a wolastoqiyik queer femme from sitansisk first nation. rudi is a multidisciplinary artist exploring language, accessibility, and emotionality – trying to find the conjunction of personal histories and contemporary art. by using work as a navigational tool and engaging with diaristic exposition, rudi aims to both challenge and play with the responsibility of viewership.

sophia bartholomew is a white, able-bodied, non-binary femme based in Fredericton, NB. Having studied contemporary visual art and theory at UBC (Vancouver), as well as having survived physical and psychological forms of trauma, their interdisciplinary projects cycle through performance, language, physical layers, membranes, endurance, protection, genuine care, absurdity, and exhaustion.

During their residency, rudi and sophia will be developing new sculptural works, under the working title soft mask, unpacking their experiences of care-giving, holding space, and other forms of femme labour — diagramming the soft and invisible architectures that alter both public life and social space.

A workshop facilitated by rudi and sophia will be held on Saturday, August 26, from 6:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m., where they will work with participants to foster self-reflection and development of ideas — discussing inclusivity, safety, mutual support and care for our selves and our communities.

rudi aker and sophia bartholomew are participating in Limited Time Offer, a pop-up exhibition working outside of traditional exhibition strategies by activating Connexion’s current shared workspace into a temporary gallery. Projects will be installed for 72 hours only, showcasing artistic production completed by artists-in-residence over the months of July and August, on view from August 25 – 27.

This project is presented with the support of Sixty-Five York Creative Studio and shiftwork collective. Follow the artists-in-residence progress on Instagram @connexion.arc

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