The Museum of New Ideas, artist-in-residence Andrew Milne

In conversation, Friday, April 23 2015 @ 7PM

The Museum of New Ideas, by chance or by appointment

In a cultural climate where galleries and museums continually claim ‘accessibility’ and ‘participation’ to justify their existence, Andrew Milne’s project The Museum of New Ideas explicitly grapples with what relating to ‘the public’ might actually look like. Locating the museum inside of a classically-styled delivery van, The Museum of New Ideas presents contemporary art installations and exhibitions of historical artifacts in public spaces.

Andrew will be artist-in-residence at Connexion ARC, April 20 – 27, bringing his project In An Instant to Fredericton. In An Instant is a collision of Polaroids, Tin  Types, a photocopier, a Frensel lens, mirrors – created by Milne, in collaboration with Leif Norman and Jaya Beange. The interactive installation generates instant photographs on paper and spins them into motion using a wooden praxinoscope – a pre-cinematic device built by the artists.

Andrew Milne is a contemporary artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, working with “representational technologies” and performance. His work explores the fusion of the body and technological systems and issues of collection, presentation and virtual self-representation in the digital age.

His residency is made possible through the support of the Manitoba Arts Council.

IMAGE: Andrew Milne, In An Instant (2015)

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