Introducing Hilda Kelley, an exhibition by Kelly Hill

September 14, 2014 – January 26, 2015

INTRODUCING HILDA KELLEY: Hilda Kelley is elegance. Hilda Kelley is poise. Hilda Kelley is glamour. She is alluring and she is powerful.

Her every glance contains all of the mystery and beauty of the stars, set against a cold, sharp winter sky. A single gesture of her hand conveys the perpetual play between elation and despair that defines human existence. An intimate gesture to strangers is embedded in her very posture.

Closing reception, Monday, January 26 at 5 PM, at Connexion ARC’s project space at The Fredericton Playhouse

Hilda Kelley is the careful construction of Fredericton-based artist Kelly Hill. She is the artist’s double, or perhaps more accurately, her inverse. Hill’s practice explores the power dynamics of stardom and self-presentation using tropes of the silent-film era, and in this body of work, she proposes a model of empowered self-construction that functions through acts of looking and display.

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