Lost and Found: An Evening of Storytelling January 21

Saturday, 8PM at Gallery Connexion


Either by birth or other traumatic displacement we find ourselves, Atlantic Canadians, stuck in the grip of winter, yet again. So what do we do? We do what we do well: drink to keep warm and complain about the cold. But sometimes these complaints turn elaborate, complex, c…onfessional… into… stories.

In this inaugural storytelling event we are taking our cues from the wonderful Moth Podcast and having our performers deliver their tales “off book,” that is without notes, with the informality you’d expect sitting huddled together in a booth at your favourite haunt.

Our storytellers this time have backgrounds in music, poetry, theatre, comedy, and academics… but all will be presenting their tale on the “Lost & Found” theme:

Matt Carter
Eric Hill
Amanda Jardine
Erin Keating
Megan MacKay
+ A few surprises TBA

So come out for a few drinks and let the cold drain out of your bones for a while. Hear some stories.

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