Salmon Run Auction

October 24th, 2009 at 5PM / Chestnut Complex, 470 York Street, Fredericton

Gallery Connexion is auctioning off 23 Salmon Run sculptures with reserve bids starting at $400. Each salmon form cost $700 to make, artist fees were paid at $500 to each artist, and the variety of adornments push these salmon at a value well above $1,500!

Money raised from this auction will go towards increasing Gallery Connexion’s renovation budget for the ground floor of the Chestnut Complex which will include two gallery spaces, 7 rentable artist studios or offices, a performance area, and cafe. The auction will take place on-site in the Chestnut Complex where renovations have begun.

Any funds raised above $10,000 will go towards establishing Gallery Connexion’s Endowment Fund, an initiative to increase the sustainability of the organization. Connexion’s contribution to the fund this fall will be tripled with matching funds from the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts and the Federal Government.

Be a part of the regeneration of Gallery Connexion, Fredericton’s Artist-Run Center – exhibiting the best of contemporary art from the region and from across Canada for 25 years!

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