Camila Salcedo



Camila Salcedo is a Venezuelan-Canadian artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a BFA degree from NSCAD University. She is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance, video, textiles, and curation. Her work is centred around Latinx identity and queerness viewed through a colonial and feminist lens. She is also involved in local activism and community organizing. She has exhibited work at various galleries, festivals and venues across Canada and Internationally.



Public Participatory Maps

Camila is interested in cartography and map-making through memory, symbols and lines as opposed to through colonial constructions of geographical locations. As an immigrant who has never returned to her hometown, she is interested in how people can utilize visuals to activate memories of space. For this installation she will lay out two stacks of paper on a table with simple guidelines, the first would say “draw your hometown from memory without using words” and the second would say “draw your current neighbourhood from memory without using words.” Participants can utilize any colour, symbols, or lines to create their maps from memory onto these sheets of paper, once they are finished, they will be collected and mailed back to Camila to create a printed matter work with scanned images from participants.




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