Fanny Basque

autoportrait fannybasque.jpg


Fanny Basque is originally from the Acadian Peninsula but spent 10 years in Montreal where she completed her studies in Fine Arts at University of Concordia. Her artistic work is generally inspired by what is hidden, concealed and trapped deep within humans minds; like dreams, secrets and what is felt during moments of intimacy, shame and fear. She allows reality to influence her work: through conversations she witnesses, images she sees and life experiences, which she then transform and restructure in order to retransmit and retell the story in a whole new way. With the use of performances, she can manifest her special interest in the cathartic aspect of artistic creation. Her visual work stems from the confrontation between reality and fiction, it is artistic application and it impacts in her life


“Quarante Letters” 

Fanny’s video performance is four different videos, each featuring a performer reading and interpreting a few personal letters. She wrote these 40 letters following a heartbreak in the summer of 2016. Through the performances, she explores themes related to identity, morality and mental health.


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