Asa Fox


Asa is a queer, gender-fluid individual. Asa currently resides between Woodstock and Fredericton and has a studio space in Fredericton that they used to facilitate queer events and gender fluid design.



Asa is working towards building Genderful: a shop for all to use, free from gender prescribed rules in clothing in Fredericton. This will become a safe place for all to shop and feel comfortable buying the type of clothing they want—including all gender identities. Asa is self-trained and has experience with fashion-show productions, editorial and commercial photo shoots, wardrobe for films, public relations, event planning, and photography. With all of these experiences and opportunities, Asa has found a method of creating what a collage of all of these mediums is.

Genderful will have an apparel and accessories line that uses the expression of identity. Asa wants their line to be the expression and inclusion of every genderand free from gender prescribed rules.Always Genderful – never less.





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